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Realfine Chemical is a professional supplier of water treatment chemicals in China. We specialize in providing chemicals and solutions for treatment of industrial waste water and urban sewage. Our products cover many areas of water treatment, such as Water Decoloring Agent\Poly DADMAC\DMDAAC\PAM-Polyacrylamide\Polyamine\PAC-PolyAluminum Chloride\ACH-Aluminum Chlorohydrate\Coagulant For Paint Fog\Heavy Metal Remove Agent\Deodorant\Oil Water Separating Agent\Organic Silicon Defoamer\Demulsifier\Flocculant For Petroleum Sewage\Special Flocculant For Mining\Activated Carbon\Formaldehyde-Free Fixing Agent\Chemicals For Ro Membrane\DCDA```Realfine chemical (Shanghai) Co.,LTD is engaged in the production of different kinds of auxiliaries, including textile, paper making, food making auxiliaries as well as drinking water treatment chemicals, agricultural and petroleum chemicals etc. Our factory has been focusing on water treatment filed since 1985, providing chemicals and technical services for all kinds of wastewater treatment plants. We are one of the earliest water treatment chemicals producer and sellers in China.Realfine begun to explore abroad markets since 2010 and products are exported to foreign markets, such as South America, Southeast Asia and Europe etc., which established sound brand image and effects. We have been awarded honors for several years, such as AAA Level Enterprise of Honouring Contracts & Keeping Promise, Advanced Enterprise etc. At the same time, it has approved ISO9001, ISO14000, and SGS certificate.In the past few decades, we have built the modern plant, which is called Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co.,Ltd. It uses automated production processes and the production capacity can reach the leading position in China. The plant has cooperated with international well-known enterprises many times. Not only a good business relationship has been established, but also has won common interests. We are committed to working with our customers to advance health, safety, environmental protection and sustainable business so that we can improve the water treatment technology.Welcome to the plant and establish cooperation!Realfine chemical, made chemical real fine!
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Shanghai, China
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11 - 50 People
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US$50 Million - US$100 Million
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